Our New Website

by Don Friedman on August 4, 2011

The recent switch to a new website was based on technical issues. While the software we were using previously had a blog-style layout that we used for our news and projects pages, modifying it meant reopening the entire site in the software, editing, and then FTPing the whole thing back to our web host. The end result was that the site was updated once or twice per year, making it a static brochure. What we wanted is a channel for more substantial communication, which led us to WordPress. This software is known as a blogging platform – which is not necessarily a bad thing for a company looking to start a blog – but also allows static pages and various types of blog-post aggregation, which made it perfect as a way to reach our goals.

That said, the right software means nothing if the site looks bad. We went back to our original website’s designer, Elizabeth Ennis, who agreed to learn a new software platform and redesign our site using it. We’re very happy with the results: it looks good and the hidden gears turn the way we want. Now it’s just up to us to supply content…

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