Failure Portrait 3

by Don Friedman on December 17, 2012

It can be difficult to describe to people outside the field how bad some of the conditions we see actually are. The most difficult, in my opinion, is steel deterioration in old high-rises. The building owners and management (very often in our work, co-op and condo boards and their managing agents) aren’t out on the scaffold, may have seen some cracks in the masonry but certainly haven’t seen any rust, and haven’t experienced any signs of structural failure. If we don’t show them exactly how things are, they may not believe what we’re saying; but if we push too hard in talking about the damage, we may scare them into inappropriate action. So we try to educate as we investigate.


The connection on the right is shot, but hey the beam’s not so bad, right?

Uh…where’d the beam go?

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