Best for NYC: Best Practices

by Don Friedman on November 3, 2015

Today’s post comes while I’m in Kansas City for the annual APTI Conference. I’m spending my time at the conference generally schmoozing with people in all fields touching on preservation – architects, conservators, buildings owners, contractors, and so on – but also meeting with peers in the field of conservation engineering. Most of them are not located in New York, of course, and so their work is technically not related to the Best for NYC Challenge. But if I look at the philosophical underpinning of our work, there’s a connection. Our work is tightly linked to our community: the importance of individual buildings is based on use and history,  extant building types vary from one location to another, and preservation regulation varies with state and local laws. A firm can work in more than one location, and OSE does, but our field realistically needs local experts spread across the country far more than it needs big national firms.

In other words, the friends and competitors I am seeing at the conference are part of the overall structure that makes OSE’s niche possible. So exchanging ideas with them is part of strengthening our firm and our field.

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