Best for NYC: Best Practices

by Don Friedman on November 9, 2015

People in our firm –  not just me, although I’m the loudest on this topic – have given a good number of talks at conferences and published a good number of papers. This is obviously not necessary to the ordinary functioning of our company, so why spend the time and effort? The short answer is education.

We believe that the information we find in research and while investigating building should be public. The great enemy of our preservation work is not competition (which is performed by other preservation-minded firms) but rather indifference and ignorance, which doom many buildings to demolition. It is possible that explaining our findings might help another firm on a project that we would have liked to work on, but it is far more likely to help building owners and professionals less familiar with the field to understand the building they are dealing with.

There are different forms of education and conference talks and papers are two that we use. We recommend that anyone interested in the Best for NYC Challenge think about how best to spread their expertise.

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