Pumping Grout

by Don Friedman on December 7, 2015

We occasionally specify grouting of damaged masonry walls. It’s a messy technique that causes a permanent, irreversible change to the masonry, so we sue it sparingly. There are times when it is appropriate, one of which is filling in voids in masonry foundation walls that opened up because of forced movement. That kind of movement can be the result of natural settling of the soil under the foundation, but is often these days associated with neighboring construction. In short, we have holes (“ports”) drilled through the face masonry to allow fluid grout to be pumped inside. It’s more complicated than that because we need to make sure the grout goes where we want it and doesn’t go where we don’t, but that’s our problem, not yours.

Here’s grout being placed into a port, with other ports visible around:

M-40 Jahn

And here is the final result:

Pump-X Edison Coatings

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