Best for NYC: Best Practices

by Don Friedman on December 11, 2015

Seeing as how Old Structures isn’t Coca-Cola, and we don’t have a formula that we have to keep secret, we try to not be mysterious about the basis for our opinions. When we are relying on a particular section of a code (the NYC Building code or any of the many materials and analysis codes that we use as references) we try to give a citation so that someone reading our report can follow our logic. When we are relying on our analysis we say so. When we are relying on documentary research, we name the documents. I mentioned earlier that one reason we write papers and give talks is to make our research public.

I’m suspicious of the phrase “information wants to be free” because it seemed to me that in practice it often meant “I want this particular piece of information for free.” That said, we believe in sharing information and do so as best we can. It helps our clients, many of whom are homeowners with no training in our field.

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