by Don Friedman on December 23, 2015

Part of the growth of Old Structures is adapting the way we do things internally to having more people. Our administrative filing system, developed when there were two employees, has been creaking a bit with ten. So I started looking around for information of filing for small offices. Most of what I found was not helpful for the particular problem I was trying to solve: how do you store a lot paper files on different topics. (Language changes. An internet search for “file management” or anything similar tends to return results useful to IT people but not me.)

I eventually found some good ideas but they were…vintage. It appears that there was a boom in filing systems technology, both conceptual and physical, in the 1910s. There was a whole world of information of filing in that decade, including textbooks, treatises, and a magazine:


Given our interest in the past, I am proud to say that our new filing system is, in part, based on sources over 90 years old.


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