Best for NYC: A Moving Target

by Don Friedman on December 30, 2015

Simple ways of measuring a the success of a small business, such as profit, don’t change. The B Impact Assessment  is inherently complex because it’s measuring more than one factor and because it’s measuring factors that are not well represented by a number or two. As a result the assessment has changed over time. Old Structures was certified under the fourth version of the assessment, which was introduced in 2013 as a revision aimed, in part, at better representing small businesses. When we next take the assessment for renewal, it will be the fifth version.

This does not mean that the overall goals are changing. Rather it means that it takes some time for a relatively new movement to accurately identify the best way to measure the complexity of real-life work practices. The changes in the Assessment are the result of learning, which we obviously approve of. Learning from experiments is one of the best ways to move forward, and it is yet another way to look at the Best for NYC Challenge. New York is the first city to conduct a campaign like this, but based on the response from businesses it is unlikely to be the last. So the experiments will continue…

This is my last Best for NYC post for the week year. Enjoy the holiday.

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