Best for NYC: Other Companies

by Don Friedman on January 4, 2016

When I’m looking for other companies in the Best for NYC Challenge to mention, I focus on companies that have inherently good missions and companies that I have had personal experience with. 67 Burger, located in Brooklyn, is in the second group. When I lived in Brooklyn, I was a regular at their Lafayette Avenue location and their burgers are great. The fact that they are taking the Challenge is icing on the metaphorical burger-cake.

Also: a logistics note. The Best for NYC Challenge kicked off in early September. Since then I’ve published 74 blog posts on the topic. For whatever reason, the end of the Challenge has changed on the EDC website from “the end of the year” to “in spring 2016.” I am changing to posting on this topic once per week, on Tuesday starting next week, and otherwise just posting about engineering and preservation.

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