Historic Non-Structural Detail: Straightforward

by Don Friedman on February 10, 2016

Connections between two different materials are always difficult. I once saw a drawing with a field weld symbol pointing at a spot where a heavy timber girder was to be resupported on a new concrete wall. It’s a beautiful dream, but unlikely to ever be real.

Meanwhile, how do you end a wrought-iron fence at a masonry pier? You can’t weld the iron to the brick. You can embed the end:


But that just raises the question of what you do with the embedded end to allow force transfer between the pier and the fence.


Oh yeah: a plate washer and a nut. That works. That works beautifully.

We can debate whether that simple detail – extending the embedment clear through the pier to a washer and nut – is aesthetically pleasing, but I like having an argument when this guy built the best argument for my side.

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