February 22, A Week Early

by Don Friedman on February 15, 2016

For today’s celebration of Presidents’ Day – the holiday once known as Washington’s Birthday – I’d like to mention our tenuous connection with George Washington. During the five years that the New York was the national capital, Trinity Church and St. Paul’s Chapel (an outlying chapel for people living to the north of the built-up portion of Manhattan Island) counted a number of congressmen as parishioners. Then there was a year or so that New York was the capital under the current constitution. Washington, as the first elected president, worshipped at St. Paul’s during that period.

Over the last four years, Old Structures has been fortunate to have plenty of work at St. Paul’s, including a structural conditions survey, reconstruction (with ICR) of the west porch, repairs to various minor problems, and the structural portion of the installation of a new HVAC system. The building is 250 years old, and good for quite a few years more.

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