They Look Familiar

by Don Friedman on February 25, 2016

The New York City Landmarks Preservation Commission has been acting recently to clear up a backlog of buildings that had been “calendared” – that is, marked as buildings that would be researched for possible landmarking designation – that had built up before 2010.

Reading the list was a trip down memory lane, as we have had projects at a number of these buildings:

  • We recently performed a conditions survey of the Chapel at Greenwood Cemetery in Brooklyn. Read the third item here.
  • We helped with stabilization of the cornice at the Ukranian Church in Exile Holy Trinity Cathedral (former Williamsburg Trust Co. Building) in Brooklyn.
  • We helped with the analysis and repair design at the tower of St. Augustine‘s Roman Catholic Church in Brooklyn.
  • We helped with exterior restoration at St. Michael‘s Episcopal Church in Manhattan.

I’m fairly certain that there’s no correlation between our work and these buildings ending up on the backlog list. But I feel like the gross stats – four projects for us out of 30 likely-to-be-landmarked buildings – pretty well reflect the number of historic buildings we’ve inspected, analyzed, and designed repairs for.

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