Best for NYC: A State of Mind

by Don Friedman on March 14, 2016

As the Best for NYC Challenge is winding down, I started thinking about what we’ve changed in our pursuit of the goals of the B Corp movement and our certification as a B Corp. The short answer is “our state of mind.”

Two years ago, before anyone in our office had heard of B Corps, we were not wildly polluting, abusive, or overly self-centered. We were already pursuing work, in the form of preservation engineering, that we feel is important to our community. We were already trying to create an office where people enjoy their work. Obviously, I could be kidding myself about how we were doing then (or now) but the fact that we were able to be certified as a B Corp without having to make any changes to our existing operations suggests that things were pretty good.

Things were pretty good, but they can always be better. One great advantage of the B Impact Assessment is that it provides a uniform, reasonably objective standard for measurement, and therefore provides a guide for how we can improve. And, maybe a bit tentatively, we’re trying to follow that guide.

But the big change, as I said above, is internal. The process of completing the certification got me in the state of mind of looking beyond the engineering and business basics of my day. And I’ve been as clear as possible with everyone else at OSE about those new goals and how they affect what we do. I hope that the Challenge has, if nothing else, encouraged that internal change of view.

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