by Don Friedman on March 15, 2016

Every December, the New York Botanical Garden has a holiday train show, and my family goes. In addition to a lot of G-scale model trains, they have a lot of model buildings constructed of plant matter. The bulk of the material used in the building models consists of twigs and leaves, although flowers, nuts, and other plant parts make their appearance. The models are fantastic.

When we visit, I inevitably start looking for buildings I know. Some, of course, I know because they’re famous, like the Met Life tower, the Empire State, 30 Rock, and Chrysler:


Again, those models are primarily built of plants. (Click to enlarge the photos.)

A number of the buildings are familiar because of our work, so it’s time to brag a bit. First, the Willard Straight house on Fifth Avenue, where I worked on a ¬†renovation in the early 2000s:


Next, the Seventh Regiment Armory, where I consulted a bit on preservation in the early 90s:


The Lorillard Snuff Mill – conveniently on the grounds of the Botanic Gardens – where Marie worked on a restoration for several years up to 2010:


And Engine Company 41 in the Bronx (the building in the center, early hidden by some leaves), where I worked on repairs and upgrades in 1991:


I think there were some more, but pictures may have to wait for next year’s visit to the show.



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