From A Distance

by Don Friedman on April 5, 2016

I had a site visit in the Bronx recently, and took the following picture from the 4 train station at 170th Street:


(Click each picture to enlarge it.)

A nice day, waiting for train. What’s that off in the distance? If I blow up the center of the photo, I get a piece of the midtown skyline:

IMG_1309 copy

The flat-top tower on the left is 432 Park, the tallest building with an antenna is the Empire State, and the faint, light-blue building with an antenna just to the right of the Empire State is One World Trade Center.

So what? The distance to 432 Park is approximately 8.7 miles, the distance to the Empire State is approximately 9.8 miles, and the distance to the World Trade Center is approximately 13.5 miles. So (1) I’m pleasantly surprised by the resolution of the camera in my phone, (2) it’s nice to see a day when the air is so clear, (3) those towers are tall, and (4) the extreme slenderness of the recently-completed 432 Park is clear compared to the other buildings.

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