Fixing, Not Replacing

by Don Friedman on April 26, 2016

Our practice occupies a slightly strange position in the world of design and construction. As I’ve discussed, we work towards saving old buildings because we believe that saving old buildings is worthwhile not for some nebulous ideal of preservation but because reuse saves energy and materials, and saves the cultural associations of the existing built environment.

But that’s just fancy talk from an engineer…

The issue of old-building reuse versus replacement is part of a larger debate about reuse versus replacement that is well summarized in this article: Hail the maintainers. Reuse and maintenance – slowing entropy as it is referred to in the article – involve fixes of various degrees of complexity and various degrees of intrusiveness. The design and construction of repairs is less photogenic than shiny and new, but at least as important. Maybe more so.

And since any such philosophical statements should be accompanied by humor, here’s John Oliver on the topic:

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