Best for NYC: The Best for NYC

by Don Friedman on May 10, 2016

The conclusion of the 2015 Best for NYC Campaign was held last Tuesday at the New York Academy of Sciences. Old Structures was there and we were a finalist in the campaign. Our congratulations to the honorees and to all of the participants.


I started blogging about the Best for NYC Campaign last September, so it’s probably a good idea to restate some of the basics. The campaign is based on the idea that the best businesses in the city don’t just make a profit, they also improve quality of life for all New Yorkers. Obviously we agree.

Old Structures is a certified B Corp, meaning that we have completed the B Impact Assessment and are measuring our success by our ability to create stronger communities, high quality jobs, and a healthier city. As finalists in this first-ever municipally-led impact campaign, we are part of a larger, global movement to redefine success in business so that, one day, all companies strive to be not only the best in their cities, but the best for their cities. We are among over 1,200 NYC companies that have committed to measuring their impact and making improvements. That idea relies on our staff, our clients, our contacts in industry, and our community, all of whom have been a part of our success.

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