San Francisco Joins The Club

by Don Friedman on August 29, 2016

Taking things literally.* Taking things literally.*

San Francisco now has a facade inspection law. For those interested in such things, it applies to buildings five or more stories tall** and, more interestingly, has the timing of the first inspection related to the age of the buildings, with older buildings having their reports due first. There is also a provision that obviously appeals to me, requiring that the inspectors for historic buildings have a background in historic buildings.

The club that San Francisco is joining includes Boston, Chicago, Cleveland, Columbus, Detroit, Milwaukee, New York, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, and St. Louis.

* The New York law requires “hands-on” inspection.

** By comparison, the Facade Inspection Safety Program in New York (formerly Local Law 10 and Local Law 11) applies to buildings seven or more stories tall.

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