An Ornamental Extreme

by Don Friedman on December 21, 2016

My last photo out the office window*, I swear:

That’s 75 Broad Street, finished in 1928 for ITT.

It’s a middle-of-the-road skyscraper of its era, designed by talented architects who were not averse to ornamentation. As a matter of fact, they seem to have put some razor stubble near the top of this building. Here’s a close up:

Those things sticking straight out of the facade? They’re fake rain spouts. I would love to read a description of the logic that led the architects to put dozens of fake rain spouts, in the form of attenuated gargoyles, on a steel-framed building with actual roof drains. They’re invisible from the street but provide pigeon landings; I have my doubts about their aesthetic contribution.

* For now.

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