Leafy Projects

by Don Friedman on March 17, 2017

The martyr of the NYC preservation movement, Penn Station:

As I mentioned last year, the holiday train show at the New York Botanic Garden is a must see. The trains are great, but even better, they run past models of New York buildings created almost entirely out of plant matter.

A few buildings where we have had projects, represented by models built out of twigs, leaves, and the occasional acorn…

The Merchant’s House Museum:

Van Cortlandt House:

and Bartow-Pell Mansion:

I suspect that the creation of these models is, in some ways, more difficult than the creation of the building. The plant pieces used to make the models are not straight and are not really amenable to construction. On the other hand, the worst environmental conditions the  models face is humidity in the greenhouses where they’re displayed, so maybe I’m overthinking the issue.

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