Son of the Return of the Glamor of it All

by Don Friedman on June 15, 2017

The definition usually used in New York for “heat wave” is three days of temperatures over 90F. Using that standard, we have just finished a heat wave, albeit one that just barely made the cut. The high on Monday was in the low 90s (it varied depending on which part of the city you were in) and it was not extremely humid.

In any case, that’s when I found myself in an attic that is less than three feet high, unventilated, unlit, uncleaned, and unfloored. Climbing on the plankless joists was annoying, doing so with the interior space somewhere above 100F was more so. The ultimate in annoyance was crawling around in there just to find out that there was nothing much to see for the project at hand.

Going back to the office after this was not the dirtiest I’ve been riding the subway – that would be the day in 1988 when a guy looked at the filth all over me after an investigation and offered me a buck for lunch – but it was in the top twenty.

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