Sources And Discussion

by Don Friedman on March 16, 2018

Some of our blog posts are obviously self-referential, discussing what’s going on with our office or what we’re working on. Some are based on current discussion elsewhere. And some are me trawling through a few favorite sources for photos that show some point that I think is important at the moment.

There are plenty of sources of old photos these days. I prefer public domain photographs, and the strange rules of U.S. copyright mean that those can be hard to find. This Curbed post discusses a number of Instagram accounts that are making good use of photos regardless of copyright status. I agree with the selection: all of those accounts are worth at least a look, and several are worth repeat visits.

My problem with them is not them, but rather with Instagram. I’m not going to trash the service, especially since we have an account where some of the photos that appear in this blog are reposted. Monday through Friday, I try to keep some serious discussion going here of issues related to our work, whether written by me or by someone else in the office. Saturday and Sunday I may just post pretty or amusing pictures, but that’s not the purpose of this blog. Instagram is a picture service, and while you can put up some text with the pictures, that’s not its purpose. For better or worse, when I see the kinds of pictures in those Instagram accounts, I want more discussion than they get there.

Long story short: expect my posts here to continue to be discussions of obscure built environment history.

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