Looking for a Project Manager

by Don Friedman on April 10, 2017

And now for something completely different…

Old Structures is looking for a project manager. I’m going to describe who we’re looking for in this blog post and trust that if anyone reading is interested they’ll get in touch, or if anyone reading knows someone who might be interested they’ll forward a link to this post to their friend.

A few logistical notes: first, the way to respond is to email a resume and any other information you feel is relevant to information [at] Don’t call, don’t mail it to us (unless you want to run the risk of it getting lost), don’t fax it. Second, I’m on vacation this week and all the blog posts you’re reading were written somewhere between four and ten days ago. So there won’t be any response from us until after April 17. We will respond to everyone during the week of the 17th. Third, we don’t discriminate and we try to run a good business. So don’t be shy about sending us a resume.

The job opening:

We are looking for an engineer at the project manager level (ASCE Grade IV or an advanced Grade III) to join our team and work on building alteration, renovation, restoration, and investigation projects in and around New York.

What we are looking for:
– a Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree in civil engineering (structures concentration), structural engineering, or architectural engineering (structures concentration),
– three to six years experience in structural design and analysis for buildings,
– experience with CAD and structural analysis software,
– ability to work as part of a team,
– ability to communicate clearly, both verbally and in writing.

Our engineers work on projects from the beginning – usually field investigation – through design, detailing, and construction. When a project is completed, you’ll be able to say it was your project.

Salary offered will be commensurate with experience, between 65K and 75K. Our benefits include paid holidays, vacation and sick days, health insurance for employee and family, a 401(k) plan with automatic employer contribution, and reduced-cost NYC Transit MetroCards.

Old Structures Engineering is an innovative and growing firm located in the Financial District. We specialize in work on existing structures, particularly historic buildings like the one our office is located in. More information can be found at, which you already knew because you’re reading this right now.


Our New Home

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This Friday, we’ll be moving the office to 90 Broad Street. The move itself is about five blocks, which is nothing much, but the new space is significantly larger. Anyone who’s ever had a meeting at our old office will greatly appreciate that we will now have a proper conference room, rather than a fishbowl […]

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Bannerman Island, Again

September 27, 2016

Bannerman’s Island in 2003: This article in Brownstoner is a nice description of the history and buildings of Bannerman Island, even if we’re not mentioned. Our first phase of bracing for the arsenal and the flagpoles for the Constellation art installation are quite prominent in the top photo. Given that this is the third time […]

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Mona Abdelfatah Is A PE

August 24, 2016

Mona Abdelfatah recently passed the professional engineering exam and is now a licensed PE in New York State. She received an undergraduate degree from UC San Diego in Structural Engineering and had a couple of years of experience with renovation and new construction projects before coming to Old Structures in 2011. At OSE, she has […]

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More Communication

August 13, 2016

Old Structures now has a Twitter account: Old Structures. For now, it’s going to be mostly links to our blog updates, but that’s not so bad because if you have a Twitter account, following us there will be the easiest way to find our new posts. Of course, this post itself is being linked on Twitter, […]

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Lucy Moses Award: The Coignet Stone Company Building

May 6, 2016

The 2015 Lucy Moses Award that I want to talk about the most is the Coignet Stone Company Building. The Piros Residence is nice, but it’s one rowhosue among many; St. Paul’s Chapel is nice, but it’s famous and has been well maintained. The Coignet Stone building, on the other hand is odd enough to […]

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Lucy Moses Award: St. Paul’s Chapel

May 5, 2016

The Lucy Moses Award for the work at St. Paul’s Chapel actually encompasses a number of linked projects. The exterior masonry was restored in several phases, including the front and rear porches and the facades in general, the roof and spire were reclad, and the surrounding churchyard was upgraded. Old Structures worked on several portions […]

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Talking in Virginia

March 4, 2016

I’ll be giving two talks about preservation engineering in Virginia next month: April 7 in Richmond, and April 8 in Norfolk. If anyone reading wants to say hello or come for a full-day seminar, I’d be delighted to see you. The two talks are at the gracious invitation of the Virginia Structural Engineers Council. Old […]

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St. Peter’s Church Chelsea

December 24, 2015

One of our projects got a nice write-up in yesterday’s New York Times. Congratulations to Marie and to Bill Stivale, who’s no stranger to the Times.

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Antonieta Núñez García

October 5, 2015

Our newest engineer is Antonieta Núñez García, who started at Old Structures at the end of July after completing her studies. She has both a Masters in Architectural Engineering and a Masters in the Structural Analysis of Monuments and Historical Constructions. The second degree is one that we feel she should be especially proud of, as […]

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