Review: LEGO New York

by Don Friedman on January 11, 2018


That’s one of my birthday presents from late 2017: the LEGO Architecture New York set, mostly assembled. The hole on the far right of the base will get the new One World Trade Center shortly.

Good points:

  • I like the way they did the vertical stripes on the Empire State Building. From a distance of more than a foot it looks about right.
  • I love the way they used transparent blocks to create shadows that give the sense of the black brick that alternates with white at the Chrysler Building. It’s clever and attractive.
  • Keeping everything to one scale is great and results in the tiniest LEGO person I’ve ever seen as the Statue of Liberty.
  • The consistent scale makes it clear that the Flatiron Building may be iconic but it’s relatively short at only about 300 feet.

Bad Points:

  • The Statue of Liberty is standing with her arms at her sides. C’mon, that’s just wrong.
  • LEGO bricks, even when molded, are really not mean for a 3D curved surface like the Chrysler’s spire. That’s a bit awkward.
  • The (not yet visible) WTC is terrible: the model sides are not sloped. Judging by the picture on the box it looks nothing like the actual building.
  • Because of the difference in scale, there’s very little detail to the Flatiron facade, which is one of the really great things about the actual building.

Overall, I’d give it a solid 7 out of 10: the Empire State and Chrysler are the best parts of the model and they’re done well. If I were in charge of LEGO – which seems to not be the case – I’d have had 30 Rock instead of 1WTC. It was fun to build, with a lot of small bricks – the entire kit is about 600 pieces.

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